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Top 5 Things To Do In Zante

Top 5 Things To Do In Zante

Whenever any of us go on holiday there is always that great sense of anticipation and excitement that is hard to contain about what kind of adventures we will get up to when we arrive. Whether it been checking out the local nightlife, sunning ourselves on the beach or venturing out and about to take in some local attractions.

Just like you I’m often not sure when I go somewhere new what are the right trips and sights to see, so as a bit of a Zante worker veteran of  7 summers I have put together a list of what I call the Top 5 things to do in Zante (Not In Any Particular Order).

1. Turtle (Caretta Caretta) Spotting:

I think this has to be a must see for anyone coming to Zante. To see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat is awesome!

Turtle Spotting, Laganas, Zante

Turtle spotting boat trips in Zante in the Greek islands, provide a chance to see these amazing creatures close up. Caretta Caretta loggerhead sea turtles are the symbol of the ecology of the island of Zakynthos. The turtles use Zante as their main nesting ground in the Mediterranean and return to the same beach where they hatched to lay their own eggs. They are considered to be an endangered species and are protected under legislation by the government.

2. Marathonisi (Turtle) Island:

Visiting Marathonisi / Turtle Island has to be one of the most relaxing ways to spend a day in Zante. You can get to the Island either by hiring your own boat or by using one of the organised trips.

Marathonisi Turtle Island Zante

The picturesque turtle shaped island lies in the middle of the Bay of Laganas, floating like a turtle in the sparkling seas. The main beach on Marathonisi is really spectacular, with white sands and turquoise water. On the other side of the island there is also a smaller bay with amazing sea caves to explore. This is a great spot for snorkelling and exploring with your friends and there is even a floating cafe bar so you can relax with a cool drink or ice cream.

Turtle Island Floating Cafe Zante

3. Navagio Beach Or Shipwreck Beach

This is probably one of the most well know beaches anywhere in Europe and was recently voted in the Top 3 beaches in the world by some well respected travel websites and magazines. You can only reach this beach by boat, so this is a great chance to get out on the water during your stay in Zante. There are many different options available, you can take one of the bigger round the island boats to see the Shipwreck Beach, or you can drive to one of the local small ports on the north and west coast where smaller boat trips leave throughout the day to this magical beach.

Shipwreck Beach Zante

Though there are many pictures and videos online showing this remarkable place until you actually stand on the beach looking up at the towering cliffs and swimming in the astonishingly clear water none of them quite do it justice till you have been there and seen it for yourself…..Though I don’t suggest jumping off the top of the cliffs like the base jumpers in the pic below unless your feeling very brave!

Base Jumping Shipwreck Beach Zante

4. Porto Limnionas Beach

This is one of those places that you wish you had known about before you had been anywhere else. It’s a little bit out of the way and you will need transport in order to get there but it’s well worth the drive and adventure of getting there!

Porto Limnionas Beach Zante

The drive down is one of those ones that makes you grip the seat in the car on occasions as the road winds down the side of the hill from the village of Agios Leon. The views are spectacular with the beautiful scenery of the cliffs of western Zante. Once at Limnionas you can take a flying leap from the rocks into the sea below. This is a fun if you are feeling daring or alternatively you can dive in from slightly lower heights. The swimming here is very different from the sandy beaches of the south and east coasts of the island. Deep seas are the norm on the west coast of Zakynthos and at Limionas you can be sure that your toes won’t touch the bottom. Once you finish swimming there is a great choice of food and drinks available the the local taverns.

Porto Limionas Zante

5. Keri Caves

The Keri Caves, located on the south western coast of the island of Zante, are one of the most probably one of the popular things to see but definitely worth a visit!

Keri Caves Zante

With crystal clear blue waters, and plenty of sea caves to explore, you won’t be disappointed with a boat trip in this region. The white cliffs in this area are really dramatic and the stunning arches coming out of the sea make for fantastic photos & some awesome swimming experiences.

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